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Pediatric Care


To provide parents more than one option while uniting families back in their community and back in their home to receive quality care for their child.


N Your Home Pediatric Program was started because other home health agencies in the Imperial Valley would not accept patients under the age of 18. We felt awful for the families who were not able to spend a countless number of hours out of town in the hospital to ensure their child was receiving the best care.  N Your Home took it upon themselves to learn about the various insurances that cover shift nursing and respite care, giving parents the help they will need to care for a sick child.  We care about siblings growing up together.  We care about parents having access to their support system.  Most of all we care about parents having a choice in how their child receives care. We Really Do Care!

         The Only Pediatric Home Health Agency in the Imperial Valley!!


* Nursing Care                 * Physical Therapy

* Pain Management           * IV Therapy 

* Meal Preparation           * Wound Care

* Personal Care & Housecleaning Service


* Premature Infants 

* Respiratory compromised children

* Neurologically compromised children

* Ventilator dependent children

* Gastrostomy 

* Orthopedic Disorders 

* Blood Disorders 

* Chronic Disorders

* Oncology/Hematology Disorders

* Genetic Disorders

Pediatric Skilled Care

We offer a full range of skilled nursing services such as:

* Tracheotomy Care

* Enteral Feeding 

* Ventilator Care

* Assisting with mobility and transfer

* Incontinence care Obtaining pulse, temperature and respiration

* Implementing plans of care

* Attending disabilities, chronic illness and therapies

* Complex intravenous therapy

* Coordinating medical equipment, pharmacy and supplies

* Administering prescribed medications and therapy

* Educating, training and supporting family caretakers

* Shift Nursing

* Medical Social Worker

Pediatric Respite

Care Planned emergency care for a loved one in order to provide temporary relief to a caregiver. A period of respite may be a few hours and even overnight. These short-term breaks can help to relieve stress, restore energy and promote balance in the patient's family. *Assistance with activities of daily living

* Personal Care (bathing, grooming, etc.)

* Dressing Meal Preparation Light house keeping

* Providing companionship

* Entertaining Oral hygiene and skin care

* Caretaking

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