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First my mother; forever my friend

Mom’s love receiving gifts from their children, especially when they’re homemade. You can buy a gift of course but it will just sit there until she puts it to use. Making a homemade gift is more personal and it’s fun! It allows you to express your crafty side. Here are a few Do It Yourself gifts for any mom:

The grower- choose a pot that you think she would like, or as I mentioned before get creative. Get a pot and decorate it yourself.

Once the pot is done, get a few seeds of different flowers, roses, or vegetables. Place the seeds still packaged inside the pot. You can even add gardening gloves, tools, decorations, etc. Be creative and have fun

The coffeeholic- How do you feel when there is no coffee? Depresso! Get it? Okay, now let’s get started. If your mom is always on the go and enjoys her coffee, whether it’s hot or cold this is a great gift for her! Start by getting a coffee mug or a coffee cup, I personally suggest an over sized mug. You can also go the extra mile and go to Walgreen’s and get the coffee mug that has a picture of your family. I am sure mom would love this. She pours her coffee/hot chocolate and there she finds a picture of her loved ones in her own mug. Next, find a few things to put inside the coffee mug. You can put chocolates, coffee beans, gift cards, and creamers. There’s no wrong or right on what to place inside, go ahead and place whatever your mom would enjoy!

The artist- If your mom enjoys getting pampered this is a great gift for her. I mean, who doesn’t like feeling beautiful? Get a basket, mug, cup, or even a jar. Inside fill it with nail polish, nail polish remover, eye shadow, lipstick, facial creams, bath bombs, wine, and more. Go all out on this one. Who doesn’t like to unwind after a busy day at work? I know I do, Oh hello there!

The cook- does your mom enjoy cooking? If so; you can buy some spatulas, cookie sheet, measuring cups, and other kitchen tools. You can also create a recipe book for her on what she enjoys eating. You can place all these items in a basket.


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