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Keep Your Cool

Hello Summer, sun, swimming pools, beaches, cold drinks, and grills. While we welcome the summer in do we also welcome the changes in our light bill? Our bill raises the most during the summer time. Some of us don’t turn on our AC’s to save money. Who doesn’t like to save? Here are some suggestions on what you can do to keep cool without turning on the AC:

1. Fans- As summer heat rises, so does our bill because we turn on our AC. Instead, get a bowl and fill it up with ice. Place the bowl of ice close to the fan so that the air is cooler.

2.Curtains- select curtains with a light color and solar backing for the summer. If your wondering why light colors, light colors reflect the sunlight. This will keep the room temperature comfortable. Also keep your blinds closed.

3.Appliances- dishwasher, washing machine, and of course the obvious dryer, these are the biggest source of unwanted heat. If you are able to prevent yourself from using them, instead use them at night.

4.Body temperature- keep yourself cool by drinking cold drinks. Especially water. Water is the best option during the summer times.

5.Doors- keep the doors inside your house open. For example bedrooms, bathrooms, and other rooms you might have inside your house. This will allow the air to flow freely through the rooms.

6.Sheets- although we already change our sheets as it is, it’s a smart choice that during summer we switch our sheets to cotton. Why? Cotton allows your bed to stay cooler.

7.Lighting- change your lighting to CFLs. CFLs stand for compact fluorescent lamp which are energy saving lighting since they do not use heat as the lighting mechanism.

8.Cooking- needless to say cooking can heat up your house. Try to prevent yourself (not cooking, sorry still have to cook) from using the stove top or oven, especially the oven. Instead try grilling, keep the heat outside.

9.Unplug- you probably didn’t know this but anything you plug into a socket produces heat. Unpluging these appliances when you’re not using them can save you from the heat.

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