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Rehabilitation Therapy


If you or your loved one needs help recovery from surgery or illness, N Your Home Healthcare is here to help, with a range of services to help you rehabilitate in the comfort of your own home. We provide the exact rehabilitation therapies required to help your loved one regain strength and mobility. Our therapists work together to meet your rehabilitation goals at home, in the hospital, at an inpatient rehabilitation facility, or at a nursing facility.


Physical Therapy (PT)

When mobility is restricted, the things we take for granted – moving in and out of bed, or just standing up – become overwhelming. With at-home PT, our physical therapists will create a care plan to help you improve your strength, flexibility, coordination and balance with specific exercises and techniques.


Occupational Therapy (OT)

Injury, chronic illness, and sometimes, a stroke, can impair your fine motor skills. OT can help you regain facility at daily routines, such as eating, dressing, bathing and getting out and about.


Speech Therapy

Your ability to speak can be affected by a stroke, a brain injury, or an illness that affects the muscles that control swallowing and forming words. Our speech therapists create exercises to help you regain strength, understand and process what is being said, and provide strategies for communication.


Stroke Therapy

A stroke can be a life-challenging experience that calls for a combination of rehabilitation therapies to restore fine-motor skills, speech, and mobility. We will customize a Care Plan specific on the severity of the patients to help to regain independence in the comfort of the patients very own home.



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