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Preventing Falls

According to the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) every 11 seconds an older adult is treated for a fall. Most accidents at home can be prevented. Everyone should be aware of the dangers in the home. Here are a few tips to help you and your loved ones prevent falls.


  1. Instill grab bars- grab bars are a great tool for elderly care. It gives your loved one something to grip on and anchor themselves with when moving in/out of the restroom. Incase of a fall, grab bars can help your loved one catch themselves

  2. Prevent slips- some falls are caused by slippery surfaces In order to prevent slips it is advised to install no slip surfaces on the floor. For example apply non slip decals in shower/tub and on the floor.

  3. Support- taking a shower or a bath can be risky and precarious. Using a shower chair will give you piece of mind to safely sit down and not worry about slipping in the tub


  1. Mats- It is a good idea to place a water absorbent mat in front of the sink. This will prevent water falling to the floor causing a slip.

  2. Mopping- when mopping it is always best to stay away from freshly mopped floors.

  3. Spills- clean spills immediately, this will prevent you or anyone else falling


  1. Clutter- remove clutter in your house especially the floors. This will allow a clear pathway

  2. Sofas- provide sofas with sturdy armrests to support you or your loved ones

  3. Lighting- this goes for all the rooms around the house, provide bright lighting to make it easier to avoid obstacles


  1. Patience- avoid getting out of bed too quickly. Rapid movements are harder to control

  2. Shoes- this also applies to all rooms in the house. Avoid walking in socks, stockings or slippers. Wear shoes with support.

  3. Rugs- applies to all rooms as well, make sure all rugs have skid proof backs or are tacked to the floor. Do not leave rugs open at the ends.

A few home improvements can keep you and your loved ones safe from dangerous falls. Fall prevention may not seem like a vivacious topic, but falls happen more often than we think.

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